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The Thank You Economy.
The world of content is shifting so fast and word of mouth marketing is moving even faster, these two collide to create the “Thank You Economy”

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My Response To Gary:

Great message Gary.

Reciprocity is a powerful force…when we care and give because that is what we genuinely want to do (rather than get something in return) it’s just natural that people will want to care back and give back.

I love what you do and what you give and to be truthful, if you told me you were putting another book out tomorrow, I’d pre-order it even if it didn’t have a name yet (and I’d pay good money for it!). I really dig you and so I’m invested in your success, I want you to be around and I’m sure a lot of people feel exactly the same way (the best part is your book actually kicks ass).

I work with the company SendOutCards and the CEO of that company powerfully believes in appreciating people, acknowledging people, and celebrating them. His main moto is that appreciation wins over self promotion every time…I’ve found that to be true.

I’ve built 2 acupuncture clinics now and each time I built them caring for one patient at a time. In fact, I’ve never advertised my services ever, I just did the best I could for the person in front of me and let the rest take care of itself…and it always did.

I now have a website where I keep a record of cards I send out to people just to say thanks and that I appreciate them (, and back in September of 2008 I actually sent you a card after listening to your call with Rich Schefren, it absolutely blew my mind;

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving for appreciation”
- William James

I think the thank you economy is upon us and really caring for people is where it’s at.

Absolutely love what you do!

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Find Your Passion And Then Choose Your MLM?

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One of the coolest things I have ever done on WLTV!

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Specializing & Giving Value Is What Attraction Marketing Is About

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Specializing & Giving Value Is What Attraction Marketing Is About


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